Licensing Models

Frontlab provides a number of licensing models for our software

Commercial license

The traditional way to license a software product. The system is installed and run on the customer’s own server.
The commercial licensing model is recommended if you expect a high volume, or need integration to existing systems/infrastructure.

SaaS | Software as a Service

The system is hosted as a service and provided to customers across the internet, thus eliminating the need to install and run the application in the customer's own data center. SaaS reduces the up-front expense of software purchases, and you can be up and running in a few days.
The pricing model consists of a monthly base fee and an additional fee based upon usage.
Subscribing to a hosted service is recommended for low volumes, and no integration requirements.

Need the best of two worlds?

Purchase your own system for processing the majority of your work load, and use Frontlab's data center to offload your system in peak situations, and handle the odd jobs needing to be processed by other versions of Adobe InDesign server.
In such situations we offer to house your server with your software within the Frontlab data center and manage the load balancing, backup etc according to your requirements.

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