Frontlab Ad builder

A huge time saver!

Our vendors and our editors are very pleased with the ad builder. Most of our clients find it so easy to use they don't even need further instruction. Your software has turned a very tedious task into a very efficient work flow process.

Rosemary Kristoff,
OpenSystems Media

Frontlab Ad builder is a solution for template driven production of print-ready PDF files. Frontlab Ad builder is based on InDesign Server, thus ensures the highest quality, without compromising the visual identity.

Easy production for end users

Users can create high quality, print-ready PDF files without special knowledge of graphics production, directly from their web browser in 3 easy steps:

Marketing material portals, single source publishing, or self service solutions

Let your team set up professional-looking templates, and then allow end users to add the content needed to produce a brochure, flyer or other marketing communication. Your end users can publish wherever and whenever they like, while your team do the creative work and retain complete control over the design. You can always download the generated InDesign document to do a final creative touch-up.

Lower production cost and quicker turn-around time create new possibilities for marketing and sales departments, newspapers, magazines and print shops

New ways of working - New opportunities

Lower the production costs of standardized ads, adaptation of sales & marketing material in general, and other repetitive tasks that requires little or no creative input. You can leverage the full range of layout features provided by InDesign, including text flow options, layers, and effects.

Extended functionality & Integration

Frontlab Ad builder is a modular solution, where you can match the functionality to suit your publishing needs. It integrates out-of the box with with the other Frontlab products to provide an end-to-end publishing solution.

You can even build your own custom solution using the core ad builder components and the comprehensive Web Service API.

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