Frontlab [lingua]

Simplify your translation workflow

- Use a proofing process optimized for translation and localization

Frontlab [lingua] is a toolset for Language Service Providers (LSP’s) or companies doing their own in-house translation & localization.
Frontlab [lingua] extends upon Frontlab’s proofing solution, and besides the obvious advantages of doing the proofing in layout, [lingua] is focused on the special needs when doing translation and localization.

On-the-fly TM updates

"Frontlab has revolutionised the proofing phase for many of our clients. But it has always been time-consuming and costly to have to manually update translation memories afterwards. Now we will achieve this on-the-fly, which is crucial for us, especially in situations where a marketing campaign stretching over several months uses many of the same texts.”

Robert Etches


Translation Management Process

[Lingua] provides functionality that plugs into your existing translation process. From supporting the sales department with file conversions for the quotation process to automatically keeping your translation memories updated for the next job.

Backend services

Easy file conversions speeds up the quotation process by eliminating the need for sending source files through your engineering/graphics department, before being able to analyze the translation content and complete the quotation.
Receive PDF's, information on layers, overset text, etc in a few easy steps, and without any prior knowledge of using InDesign.
The back-end services can also be used in your translation process to automate file conversions, run clean-up scripts and do preflight checks.

In-layout proofing of segments

[Lingua] is based on our proofing module, but takes the in-layout proofing to the next level, when it comes to translation and localization. It is capable of keeping track of the underlying translation segments throughout the proofing process. Proofreaders can have access to segment specific information during the editing process, and rules can be setup to warn or even prohibit proofreaders to make changes to segments above a certain match percentage.

Integrated terminology check

Using the terminology module ensures that brand names, product names and other important information is validated, and that forbidden/deprecated terms are effectively blocked from the translation.

Automated TM update

Keeping the underlying CAT tools, such as SDL Trados or MemSource, updated with the latest approved content is a vital part of the translation workflow, however this is normally a very time consuming process. With [lingua] you can export the changed segments and feed them right back to the translation memory.

Upload the language file together with the InDesign document, and the system will automatically keep track of the updated translation segments during the review and approval workflow.

Export updated language files for easy TM update: When the approval process has been completed, simply export an updated language file containing the changed segments. All segments that have been changed during the proofing process are clearly marked, allowing further review and quality checks during the TM update process.


[lingua] supports multiple CAT tools using an adapter approach, and currently we have support for SDL trados, Memsource, Across and MemoQ.

If you need support for another CAT tool/file format or need more details on [lingua] in general then Please contact us

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