Frontlab Product Information Management | PIM

Single Source Publishing - a solid foundation

Shared access to both the hard facts as well as the sales and marketing related information in a shared repository - accessible for all team players. Keep related media assets and other content grouped together as it should be. Increase time to market and leverage your content across publications.

The product approach - a new opportunity

One stop approval and maintenance of sales and marketing information across departments, regions, languages etc. Frontlab PIM supports multiple product definitions in concert, allowing you to model your portfolio as accurate as possible. Generate new publications or refresh existing publication targets using your approved product data. Eliminate errors, and reach more customers at the same time.

Organize, approve, share, find ..... re-use

Integration - and beyond tomorrow

Besides the built-in integration with members of the Frontlab suite, Frontlab PIM also offers integration towards external systems and applications like a campaign system or a CMS system. Use the product data to drive product directories, e-shots, web shops & micro-sites from the approved product information.

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