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Frontlab Proofing offers a unique new way for all stakeholders to collaborate when producing and proofing print material. Frontlab Proofing plugs directly into your existing proofing process, but allows you to use a more lean process with fewer intermediaries. This reduces lead time, minimizes errors and lets you confidently make last minute corrections.

With Frontlab Proofing, all stakeholders proofread online using a browser, and all changes are applied directly into the source material.

An example of where the core functionality of frontlab proofing fits into a typical supply chain

Traditional proofing

Traditionally corrections are made in PDF's, Word files or even over the phone, and these are all passed through a single person; E-mails are passed around, mistakes are made. — Sounds familiar ?

Easy on-line proofing

InDesign, Flash, PDF and other formats can be proof read

Frontlab Proofing removes the hassles of proofreading. All stakeholders can do reviews and make corrections using a standard web browser. You get an immediate and 100% correct preview, and you have a full history of all changes, as text corrections and layout annotations are tracked automatically. All changes and annotations are applied directly into the source material - ready for download. You can even export/import updates from/to the document using an external source. This enables you to update e.g. all prices in a catalogue in one go without introducing errors.

With Frontlab Proofing you always know who is doing what and when, you know who is required to sign-off and what sign-offs are pending, and you have a shared repository for information to be shared among the team players e.g. price lists, product info, etc.

Comparing Processes

Comparing the traditional manual process against a structured proofing process.

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